Entertainment Scandals

Sex with 300 men in one day, Adult Filmstar’s

Actresses working in the adult film industry are always considered different. But these actresses are doing this as a job and trying not to let all this affect their private lives. Actress Jasmine St. Clair has now left the porn industry and is seen working in wrestling. But during an interview, she revealed that she had a bizarre record while working in the porn industry.

Jasmine St. Clair was a very popular pornstar in the 90’s and 2000’s. She has acted in many adult films. She has a strange record to her name. Jasmine had recorded having sex with 300 men in one day. A few days ago, while talking to an adult filmmaker, Jasmine said that she had made this strange record. “It was part of my job and I’m not ashamed of it,” she said. It was a busy day for her and she said she went home after working for about 10 hours.

Jasmine is seen wrestling after leaving the Adelaide film industry. For that, she had planted a classel. She was spotted at the Extreme Championships. Speaking about this, she said, ‘This profession is a little dangerous. But since I was a child, she decided to turn to wrestling. ‘ She has acted in ‘Bad Apples’ and ‘Dorm Days 2’.

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