Romantic ideas to surprise your partner

Romantic ideas to surprise your partner

Romantic ideas to surprise your partner

Romanticism is not dead, but sometimes it is a good idea to take the initiative to keep it alive. Love can be expressed in many ways, but life often gets in the way. We have such a hectic pace in our day to day that we lack the imagination to do something important for our great love. There are many ways to say “I love you” without using words, and in this gallery, we show you a few.


When you get home, take a moment to sit down with your partner and relax a bit with mindfulness. Housework can wait, your relationship is more important.

Date night

Go out to dinner and have fun. It is important to spend quality time together.

Give him a massage

Give your partner a massage. It can be a good way to show your love.

Make him lunch

Make him lunch. You can also include a nice note.

Game night

Get some board games and some cards and have a fun night together.

Breakfast in bed

Nothing says “I love you” better than taking breakfast in bed.

Sunset walk

Why not take a walk at sunset with your partner? It can be very romantic.

Write a love letter

Let’s be honest: an email doesn’t have the same effect.

Cook together

Even if you are not good at it, do it. It’s about spending time together with a common goal. It can improve your link.

Under the stars

Seeing the stars can be very magical and romantic.

Go back to the place where you met

That special place where it all began. It is a romantic gesture that can work very well.

Take photos together

Get out of the house and take couple photos. You will have fun.


Dancing is the best expression of the body. Do it with your partner.

Stay to eat

If you can, stay for lunch during the week. It may not seem like much, but in a relationship, little gestures count.

Do wine tasting

Go to a winery and taste good wines together. It can be an interesting experience for both of you.

Leave the cellphone

Put the cell phone aside when you are with your partner. Be present.


Flowers are a classic, so they have to be on the list. Bring home flowers or a plant, if your partner prefers.


Volunteering together can give your hearts a common goal and strengthen your bond.

Get out of the house

Take a walk in the park, the beach or the forest, you choose. Get out together and breathe fresh air together.

Go to the cinema

Yes, it is a classic. It may not be the best idea for a first date, but if you are in a relationship it may be a good option.

Go sightseeing

Pick a nearby town or city and go on an excursion.

Watch a movie or series together

Enjoy and rest at the same time.

Book a nearby hotel

You don’t have to go on vacation all the time. Book a hotel nearby and take a break. It also doesn’t have to be expensive.

A bath together

Prepare a nice bath for both of you. It’s a great way to relax and spend time together. You can put some candles and pour a couple of glasses of wine.


Book a day at a spa and relax with your partner.

Do something your partner loves to do

If you take part in an activity that your partner likes, you are showing your love.

Clean his car

Yes, it can be a nice gesture.

Write her a romantic note

Write a few words on a piece of paper and leave it where you can find it.

Romantic mornings

Say “I love you” as soon as you wake up. When was the last time you told him?

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