International media exposed Modi government’s for hiding COVID-19 cases and deaths

International media exposes Modi government COVID-19

The US and British media showed the real face of India to the world, after which the Indian drama of overcoming Corona by hiding deaths and cases flopped badly.

 The US media has revealed that the actual number of deaths from Corona in India is very high. It is being revealed that there are around 2000 deaths every day but the actual number is almost 5 times higher.

According to British media, a few dozen deaths are being recorded daily in Bhopal, Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh but the fact is that the authorities are lying, the reason for the deaths of people suffering from corona is to deceive the world instead of writing corona. The word ‘disease’ is being used for.

According to foreign media, it is time for half of the world’s corona cases to be in India, which has made treatment impossible due to shortage of doctors and patients are on the verge of death.

According to reports, people in India are forced to beg on social media for medicines and hospital beds for their loved ones. There is such a lack of oxygen that patients outside hospitals are suffocating.

So many bodies are being cremated at PM Modi’s crematorium in Gujarat that even the iron grill placed below the crematorium has melted. Crematorium wharves have been set up outside and in parks.

The US epidemiologist says that deaths and patient data from Corona are being massacred in India, while the British expert says that India is just beginning, a big crisis will come now.

  On the other hand, the High Court in the Indian capital New Delhi has said that this is not an epidemic, it is a tsunami, those who cut off the supply of oxygen to hospitals will be hanged. 

It may be recalled that during the first week of May, the daily number of coronaviruses in India is estimated to be 500,000 and the death toll is estimated to be more than 5,500.

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