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Do I need to take a 3rd dose to stop COVID19 infection?

covid19 3rd dose

Twenty-nine MBBS students at KEM Hospital in Mumbai have contracted corona. The administration said most of these students had taken both doses of the corona vaccine.

Cases of corona infection after vaccination are not new. Many people in India have contracted corona after taking both doses of the vaccine.

Experts fear a third wave of coronavirus in October. In view of this potential danger, there is a growing demand for health workers to be given a third (booster) dose of the vaccine.

The central government has taken the position that the discussion of booster doses is not ‘appropriate’ at present.

Need a booster dose given the risk of a third wave? Why is there a demand for booster from health workers? This is what we tried to find out.

What exactly happened at KEM Hospital?

According to the hospital administration, 6 children studying in the first year and 23 children in the second year of KEM hospital contracted corona.

Some of these students with corona infection have no symptoms of the disease. So, others have seen extremely mild symptoms.

Speaking to BBC Marathi, the superintendent of KEM Hospital, Dr. Hemant Deshmukh said, “These MBBS learners have got a break-through infection.”

Experts call coronavirus infection a ‘break-through infection’ that occurs even after being vaccinated against corona.

Following the corona infection of the students, the municipality has decided to test the corona for other students, persons who have come in contact with corona infected students and their families.

What is the prevalence of break-through infection among health workers?

In January, the country started vaccinating health workers against corona. So far, 99 per cent of health workers across the country have received a single dose of the vaccine. So, 85 per cent of health workers are known to have completed both doses.

Many become infected with coronavirus after being vaccinated against coronavirus. Including health workers.

In April, according to central government figures

  • 0.04 percent of people who took both doses of covacin had a corona infection
  • The proportion is 0.03 percent in both doses of Covishield

Max Hospital in Delhi and the Central Government’s Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology (IGIB) conducted research on break-through infections among health workers.

  • Both doses of the vaccine still infect 25 percent of health workers with corona
  • Research has shown that the Delta variant is infected

Air booster dose to health workers

A third wave of corona infections is feared in India. In such a situation, the demand for giving a third (booster) dose of vaccine to the health workers is gaining momentum.

The country started vaccinating health workers against corona in January.

President of Indian Medical Association Maharashtra Dr. Avinash Bhondwe says, “According to research published in Israel, the UK and the US, antibodies produced by the anti-corona vaccine begin to decline after six to eight months and gradually disappear.”

Decreased immunity increases the risk of break-through infection. Deficiency of antibodies can lead to serious illness. Many countries in Europe have started giving a third dose of the vaccine. So, the fourth dose is given in Israel.

He added, “The first wave of corona infection killed more than a thousand doctors in India. Therefore, health workers should be given a third (booster) dose of the anti-corona vaccine. A third dose is desperately needed.”

The Indian Medical Association, an association of private doctors, has not yet made an official request to the Center for a third dose.

Coronavirus infection after vaccination has so far been found to be mild.

Speaking on the occasion, IMA National Vice President Dr. Anil Pachnekar says, “If a possible third wave of corona is to save the lives of health workers, then all health workers should be given a third dose of the anti-corona vaccine.”

Mumbai-based internal medicine specialist Dr. According to Harshad Limaye, a third dose of anti-corona vaccine is essential for health workers.

He says, “Health workers should get booster doses. But, insufficient supply of vaccines around the world is a big problem. Many have not been able to get even the first dose of vaccines. We hope the central government will think positively about it.”

Dr. Bhondwe further said that booster dose should be given to patients with congenital anomalies, senior citizens.

Hospital’s letter to Mumbai Municipal Corporation for the third dose

Mumbai’s HL Hiranandani Hospital has sent a letter to the Mumbai Municipal Corporation demanding a third (booster) dose for health workers.

Hiranandani Hospital Chief Executive Officer Dr. Speaking to the Times of India, Sujit Chatterjee said, “It has been six months since the health workers took the second dose of the vaccine. By now, many have lost or run out of immunity.”

According to experts, the central government’s two-dose policy is appropriate. However, the safety of health workers serving patients should be considered.

The discussion of booster doses is not relevant in the current situation-center

The Union Ministry of Health has clarified the third dose of anti-corona vaccine to health workers.

The director of the Indian Council of Medical Research, Dr. “The discussion of booster doses is not relevant at present,” Balram Bhargava told reporters.

“At present, all adults in the country should get two doses of the corona vaccine. That should be our goal,” he said.

Asked in the Rajya Sabha about the booster dose, Union Minister of State for Health Bharti Pawar said, “At present, there is no expert recommendation from the government to give booster doses.”

Balram Bhargava further said that in some parts of India, research has been done on how long antibodies last after vaccination. It found that “more than 95 percent of antibodies live for up to a year,” he said.

Why is a booster dose needed against corona?

Immunity weakens over time after a dose of the vaccine is given. Therefore, booster doses may be needed, argues vaccine companies.

The director of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Dr. Speaking to the media, Randeep Guleria had said that over time, the body’s immune system weakens. Hence the need for a booster dose.

What causes corona even after taking two doses of vaccine?

Why does corona occur after taking both doses of vaccine? Speaking to the media, Dr. Sanjay Oak explains the possibilities.

  • The first possibility is that people are asymptomatic positive when taking the second dose of the vaccine. They don’t understand it without testing. Symptoms appear after vaccination. If tested after that, it comes back positive.
  • Your body responds in the form of a positive test

Experts say that corona infection can occur after taking both anti-corona vaccines.

The incidence of breakthrough infections in the United States

Break-through infections occur in India, not part of it. As of April 26, 2021, 9.5 million Americans had been vaccinated. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 9,045 of these people were found to be re-infected.

In which country around the world is a booster shot offered?

According to the UK government, people will be given booster shots from September. According to the Times of Israel, the Israeli government has begun giving booster doses to people over the age of 60.

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